Jaylen Brown Makes His Thoughts Clear About Some Celtics Fans

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Over the last few years, Jaylen Brown has become one of the most important parts of the Boston Celtics.

This season, he is averaging 26.8 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 3.3 assists a game.

Brown loves playing for the Celtics.

He has proudly and gladly taken on the role of one of the team’s leaders.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some criticism of the loyal fan base.

“It’s not the whole Celtic fan base, but it is a part of the fan base that exists within the Celtics nation that is problematic,” Brown said, via the New York Post.

He added, “If you have a bad game, they tie it to your personal character.”Brown also said, “I definitely think there’s a group or an amount within the Celtic nation that is extremely toxic and does not want to see athletes use their platform.”

He concluded: “They just want you to play basketball and go home.”

Brown is not the first person to comment on a toxic culture that exists in Boston’s sports fan base.

Other players, including Kyrie Irving most recently, have touched upon this.

The truth is that nearly all fan bases in all sports have some nasty fans who will say very hurtful things.

Some fans do not look at players as humans but rather just as entertainers without feelings and families.

Recently, things have gotten more heated than ever before between players and fans.

There has been a rise in people being kicked out of arenas due to unruly and unsavory behavior.

Players have been more open about calling this out and getting the league involved.

For their part, the NBA has been adamant about doing all it can to foster a positive and healthy environment for everyone.

Brown’s words show that more players are comfortable talking about this situation, which will only make it better.

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