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Wedding Dresses for Men 

Rici Melion Bespoke Clothing for Men

Rici Melion being the finest designer label provides exquisite bespoke clothing for men and women. Rici Melion keeps its legacy in crafting luxurious Pakistani wedding dresses that includes waistcoat for wedding, sherwani style, nikkah dresses, barat dresses for man and so on for its customers with the finest possible creativity, class and individuality. With specializing in the most premium fabrics for men, with excellence in 100% cotton fiber, wool, wool and silk, wool and cashmere, linen, and other limited edition fabrics that make our patrons stand out in the crowd of thousands. In the past few years most of the couture oriented bespoke clothing brands have started offering easy online shopping in Pakistan which makes it restful for our patrons to make a purchase 24/7 whenever it’s convenient for them.

We consider this as our utmost responsibility to provide premium quality products that fulfill international quality standards with as much convenience as possible which Rici Melion is already well known for offering. Furthermore, Rici Melion through offering online shopping in Pakistan always focuses on the future, strives to expand more with every passing day and wants to be the best and number one in all the bespoke clothing brands not just in Pakistan but globally as well by providing our customer exactly what they are looking for in their wedding dresses. So for premium quality and timeless luxury we are the perfect choice for our patrons and this is why we have quickly taken over the hearts of menswear with our unique wedding dresses designs and aesthetics all across the globe having a brick and mortar presence as well as an online presence. 

Highly anticipated Wedding Dress for Man

Rici Melion offers an immensely huge variety of silhouettes and color variation for our patrons to choose from. For instance if our patron looking for a sherwani for groom can go for a black sherwani with light pattern or with embellishment and any other option that fills their aesthetic design needs. It is safe to say that Rici Melion dresses up people from all walks of life. Our patrons can choose a waistcoat with kurta for their mehndi or nikkah event, Rici Melion stylists will guide them accordingly.

Our wedding dress for man are highly anticipated every season for their signature cuts and patterns and exquisite aesthetics that celebrate masculinity. Moreover, the consistency in quality and designs of our new shalwar kameez is the result of our exceptional design and R&D team that enable us to provide remarkable products like shalwar kameez, sherwani designs and services which are highly appreciated by our clientele, and  is also evident in our business growth and its expansion internationally. Online shopping in Lahore has been commercialized due to the changing buying preferences of our respectable patrons to which our online team works day and night to make sure your transaction goes smoothly. 

Experiencing Luxury with one of the Best Men Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Rici Melion conceit themselves on being a complete luxury apparel brand that also offers extravagant barat dresses for man including its signature shalwar kameez, sherwani for men, awami waistcoat etc which offers you an exceptional level of delight and contentment in exquisite wear. Our sherwani designs are inspired from different heritage and artisan’s movements Renaissance, Aztec, Fusion, Arabian and other aesthetics which are updated regularly by our design team to cater to the changing needs of the fashion forward man today. Moreover, Rici Melion unlike other men clothing brands in Pakistan understands our patron’s privacy and their preference of making discreet purchases especially when they are getting barat dresses for man, when they prefer getting a unique product and we ensure them that even if they purchase a groom sherwanis online or through our brick and mortar store.

Furthermore, our creative director who has a distinctive and classic sense of style and a passion for creating avant-garde designs has formed a forte for himself in the country’s fashion scene with his breathtaking finest menswear which include intricately embellished couture like groom sherwanis and ready to wear product range challenging the current men clothing brands in Pakistan. The attention to detail of barat dresses for man, along with their color contrasting and the delicate embellishment remains a trademark of our garment and is never compromised.

Showcasing high-class Finesse in Wedding Dresses for Man

Our high-class finesse of fabric and stitching has all that it takes to wear the only masterpiece. All of our wedding dresses for man are exclusive designer tailor made attires intended to offer you with an exceptional level of delight and contentment in exquisite wear. If you are planning to get a sherwani for groom, you have to look no further as Rici Melion, the designer label has you sorted. Our wedding dresses for man has a complete range of sherwani for groom like black shervani, shalwaar kameez, finest suiting that have been intricately designed by taking inspiration from distinctly Pakistani and Middle Eastern interspersed with Western influences to cater both local and international market needs in order to accomdate increase demand of online dresses shopping worldwide.

The dynamic design sensibility of our attires continues to be lauded by the industry not just locally but also internationally, with the brand having been honored with great recognition at different fashion shows and collaborations. We are aware that the fashion industry is not limited from the threats of the world’s future including pandemic commotions, vulnerable economic conditions, dynamic consumer behaviors, we are constantly determined to position against all such foreseeable and non- foreseeable challenges, protect the environment and improve the lives and experience with the brand of the customers, workers and suppliers and digitalize most of our merchandise to serve back to the society and be a good CSR oriented organization as online dresses shopping  is seen as the new normal post pandemic. Giving back to society is our ethical fence that we strongly believe in delivering effectively. 

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